Back Then

“Back then” in February 2010, I had the great idea of trying to complete the RPM Challenge.  The first day  of the challenge, I wrote a song called ‘Back Then’.  Me being me, worked on that song but a few days later realised that working full time and with family commitments, I couldn’t complete an album in a month.  So I delayed the album making goal to reduce my stress levels and the song just sat there.

About a month ago, I sat down to re-recorded this song as I want to work on rebuild my recording ‘chops’ for a project I’m starting VERY soon!  Time still escaped me with this song.  I had exactly a 1 month break in the middle of this song.  The vocal I will probably never by happy with, but I’m satisfied with this version.

So I now present to you, “Back Then”…
Back Then – Original Demo

Back Then – Current Version


Back Then

Reading my notebook, from the Summer of ‘92.
I had to laugh at all the things I thought I knew.
What words would I write with that pen?
If I had the chance to, go back again.

Back then,
I didn’t pay the rent.
Back then,
I didn’t make what I spent.
I’ve got my parents to thank for that
And they know one day that I’ll probably pay them back.
But if only… I knew then what I know now.

I had a girlfriend who I hardly knew,
I wrote her letters every day which ended I love you.
Giving those words away so freely then,
they didn’t mean anything in the end.

But back then
I didn’t pay any bills.
Back then
I’d always get my fills.
I did some stupid things, I will say that,
even a few times I wore my dunce hat,
But if only… I knew then what I know now

But back then,
I didn’t have a child.
Back then,
I could go out and be wild.
All the speed humps that got in the way,
they taught me and shaped me in to the man I am today,
Cause now, I know more than I knew then..

I know more than I knew then,
I know more than I knew then,
I know more than I knew then.


Song licensed by Daniel Porter 2011 under the Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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