My thoughts on professional gaming – e-sports #ESL

I personally haven’t seen too many e-sport events, partly because I’m not in to a number of the bigger games which are played at that level, but in the most reason, and this might sound strange, I feel too old.  Sure, I’m close to 40, but if you look at a majority of the players, they are all in their late teens/early 20’s.

I was watching a documentary on Netflix “All Work All Play” and it indicated that most gamers retire between the ages of 20-25.  Sadly, I knew the age was close to this, but still.. I have to say it: WTF?

I had 2 thoughts at that point: 1 – how can I reverse my age back to 20 again; 2 – why don’t they introduce aged competitions like they do with kids sports, like Under 12’s, or Under 15’s, but in this case, Open (all ages), Under 25’s, Under 35’s, (and I shudder with this one) Veterans >35.

Asides from making each competition possibly bigger, would including those ages in the competitions increase viewership?  The game play would be different, potentially more tactical vs speed.  My interpretation is that ‘younger’ gamers (most times) are able to beat older ones mostly due to response times, so if older gamers played each other with their ‘slower response times’.

Call it a handicap that would open the competition to more ages and in doing so, make it a fairer playing ground, allowing multiple generations to be exposed more to e-sports.

Granted, this idea is coming from a ‘grumpy older gamer’..

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